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    Jana is an exceptional trainer who truly cares about my fitness progression. I have reached new levels of strength through Jana’s coaching cues and help with my form. In the past 3 months I have significantly improved my deadlift, chest press, single-arm row, and many more exercises. We have recently moved into an endurance phase and I love how Jana clearly explains every exercise, and its benefi to my program. My successes have ventured outside of the gym too! Jana communicated to me simple exercises I can do between bouts of desk work, which have helped me significantly in my focus and recovery. She has also guided me through researching and deciding if intermittent fasting would be beneficial to me and I decided to incorporate it in to my lifestyle. I have such a well-balanced regimen now because of this. Jana’s coaching has turned my fitness goals into a daily regimen, and I am constantly motivated to progress more!

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    I have been working with Jana for over 5 years now, and I’ve never had a better relationship with a trainer. While I have a vigorous mind, my body occasionally feels closer to my true age, my energy levels fluctuate by the day and Jana has been so patient with me, and often changes our workout routines on the fly to cater to my needs for that day. When I first started working with Jana, I mentioned my history with pilates and how much I loved it. Jana was able to search for and find an outstanding pilates studis in the area – one who stood up to the high standards I have for the fitness industry! Once I decided to give the studio a go, she contacted the owner to set up my first appointment. I’ve been so pleased with this studio, and never would have taken this jump without Jana’s attention to detail, guidance and motivation.

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    After just a few sessions, Coach Jana helped me realize that fitness isn’t just the means to an end goal; it’s the development of a lifestyle. I wasn’t seeing the results I desired through group fitness, and I knew a personalized training program was just what I needed. I had worked with other trainers in the past, but Jana was the only one who’s instructions and approach resonated with me. I felt like I was truly learning with her and not just being told what to do. I was finally feeling confident with my abilities in the gym, and Jana’s help didn’t stop there. I began having issues with TMJ (pain associated with movement of the jaw), and after I expressed the lack of help I was receiving from doctors, Jana recommended a physical therapist. I was stunned by the level of service I received at their facility! She also recommended an amazing nutritionist, as well as guidance on things as small as using a physical planner instead of my phone to minimize stress. Jana’s level of interest and genuine care regarding my fitness goals still amazes me to this day, and I was so heartbroken when I had to move to a different city. Luckily, she gave me my old programs to use for the future (no other trainer had done this for me before!), as well as a sense of confidence in the gym and with my body. With her training and advice, I transformed my fitness goals into a lifestyle.

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